Breathe Fresh Air Into Your Social Media Content

It seems that there is a prevailing myth among many digital marketers that any content is better than no content when it comes to social media strategy. On the surface, this logic makes sense. After all, doesn’t a bustling social media profile with repetitive postings look better than a completely empty one? The answer is complicated. While some may argue that this looks better than a blank page at face value, social media users who actually follow such pages will catch on quite quickly to this oversimplified approach.

A recent article from Adweek points out that two of the most important things a company can do on social to build trust from its audience is to create honest content and to engage its audience. I don’t think it requires much explanation from me as to why churning out duplicate content, even if it is “strategically” spread out, does not meet these goals (nor is it a good way to build your SEO strategy). Users aren’t going to be engaged by boring old concepts,and seeing the same post over and over again makes an organization look desperate and spammy, not honest. If you truly want to have an impact on your audience and build your following, thus increasing your ROI in some form, your business’s content needs to feel conversational, natural, and communicative, even if you are in a more rigid industry. Repeating cookie-cutter automated copy will not help you in this matter.

This article originally appeared in its entirety on LinkedIn Pulse.

Published by Lindsey J Flagg

Freelance writer in the Greater Chicago Area.

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