Google Facts You Should Know

You probably know that Google is a huge powerhouse on the internet if you have ever found yourself using it to get through the day. What you may not know is that it is an important force for your business’s success. The following facts about the Google landscape as we head into 2021 can help you to see why your business needs to focus on Google to boost its visibility — as well as how to do so.

Nearly 60 Percent of Google Searches Are on Mobile Devices

According to Search Engine Land, internet searches are quickly moving in the mobile direction. This is especially true where Google users are concerned. What does this mean for your business?

You need to ensure, more than ever, that your business’s website and other elements of its online presence are optimized for mobile viewing. Many companies and brands have been slow to accept this fact, but waiting is no longer an option if you want to stay in the marketing game and rise to the level of your competitors.

Google Queries Change Every Day

Search Engine Land also reports that 15 percent of each day’s Google queries are made up of questions that have never been asked of Google before. Your business can take advantage of this fact by doing targeted keyword and topic research on a regular basis

Implementing one keyword strategy and never reviewing it will not be sufficient. You need to make sure that you or a dedicated member of your team reviews your plan and your keywords at least monthly to ensure that your website and online content are both harmonious with what your target audience is currently looking for online.

Most Online Searches Now Take Place on Google

An impressive 92.81 percent of all searches completed on the internet take place on Google, according to Smart Insights. If your business has not yet worked on optimizing its content to comply with Google’s best practices, now is the time to do so.

You don’t want to forget about other search engines completely. However, focusing on Google should be your next move if you haven’t been concerned with it in the past.

SEO is the Answer

What can you do with this insightful information to reach more potential customers or clients through Google? For starters, you need to create or update your Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, strategy.

If you do not know what SEO is, a great way to think of it, in simple terms, is a method of finding and logically implementing the best keywords to better reach your target market. You need to consider SEO when crafting content for your social media profiles as well as for your websites, advertisements and online directory listings.

This article originally appeared in its entirety on Business Blurb.

Published by Lindsey J Flagg

Freelance writer in the Greater Chicago Area.

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