The Best Free Digital Marketing E-Courses

The digital marketing landscape is always changing. While this is one of the most rewarding elements of working in digital for many B2C professionals, it also presents challenges for marketers who want to keep their skill set relevant. I consider myself to be a lifelong learner, so one of my greatest hobbies – which also doubles as a valuable professional activity – is completing online coursework and certifications. While most certifications will cost money to obtain, there are a lot of great e-courses out there that you can complete for free while still learning valuable skills that will benefit you across many digital marketing departments. Here are a few of the best ones that I have completed.

1. Social Marketing Training – Hootsuite Academy

I wasn’t completely new to social media marketing when I took this course, but I went through all of the lessons anyway to prepare for my (paid) Social Marketing Certification from Hootsuite, and I learned many new skills and gained fresh insights from completing the coursework. Even if you decide to skip the paid certification, there are many valuable lessons you can learn from this course, no matter what your current skill level may be. Topics include how to set up a new social marketing strategy, how to build online communities through social media and social advertising basics, to name a few. The lessons are highly engaging, and they come with comprehensive study guides and other resources that you can use to help your business or clients grow on social media long after you complete the course.

2. Social Media Analytics – Quintly Academy

While some of the lessons presented in this course focus on using the Quintly platform to measure your social analytics, the basic information and resources presented in each lesson provide a wonderful overview of social analytics for professionals who are new to social management as well as those who need a refresher on the topic. Each lesson is presented in an engaging way, and the course takes very little time to complete. This makes it an excellent choice for busy marketers who have trouble finding free time for continuing education.

3. SEO Training –

This course is very thorough and somewhat lengthy, so I really only recommend it to professionals with a lot of time on their hands or who desperately need to get caught up on SEO theories and strategies. Eric Schwartzman is a very engaging and competent instructor who adds a new level of interest to the sometimes dry world of online education, so many learners will appreciate his approach. What’s more, you can get your certificate for completing the course at absolutely no cost – it can even be displayed on your LinkedIn profile.

These are my current favorite free courses, but I am sure that new ones will capture my attention as time goes on. Education is a personal pursuit, so you may find that different courses or approaches may suit you better than working through the classes I have listed above.

Published by Lindsey J Flagg

Freelance writer in the Greater Chicago Area.

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